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Self-Assessment in Customs & On Site Post Clearance Audit

To help participants develop skills for various processes in Customs like Assessment, Valuation, Classification, Operation of Allied Acts, Rate of Duty / Exemption, Notification; Declaration for Assessment, Suggested Claim for Confirmation, Self-Assessment: Statement of Fact of Assessment done & Not a Claim but a Confirmation, responsibility under self-assessment, verification; Risk management system, know the difference between importer/exporter and customs, Custom Action, Verification place, different types of sections, On Site Post Clearance Audit.


Objective of this course is to get well versed with recoveries under Customs Act 1962, Section 28A Amnesty, Section 28 AA Interest on Delayed Payment of Duty, Section 28 AAA Recovery in case false claims of benefits, Section 28 B When excess duty charged to buyer of goods, Section 28 BA Provisional Attachment of Property, Section 28B and 28C Unjust Enrichment


Providing a conceptual perspective of Major Refund/Rebate under Service Tax. General Refund for Excess Payment etc., Rebate of Services used in Export of Goods, Rebate of Inputs and Services used in Export of Services, Services received by unit in or Developer of SEZ, Refund of CENVAT taken for Export of Goods/Services- Rule 5 of CCR’04, Refund Claim of service tax, Under Section 11B, cargo claims on imports of India, documents required for settlement of claims, subrogation, letter of indemnity, claims on insurance company, scope of cover, proximate cause, warranty.

Reimportation and Conditions of Free Entry

Providing a conceptual perspective about What is re-import, Re-imports Section 25 provides – Notification – Public interest ; 94/96-Cus, If the export were under Export Promotion benefits, Re-import after repairs

List of Normal Documents Required for the Clearance of Imported and Exported Consignments

Helping participants in improving their functional performance through this program. Explaining different types of documents required in clearance of import and export consignment, Practical filling of the same. Documents includes in [a] common : invoice, packing list, IEC [b] Export : shipping bill, export value declaration, EDI, Duty draw back declaration, [c] import : bills of entry, Bills of lading or AWB, Insurance certificate, freight certificate, inspection certificate, literature, catalogue etc.

Know Your Customer: KYC Norms for Identification of Clients by CHAs

In the context of increasing number of offences involving various modus-operandi, this course is designed to learn the norms to identify clients, to stop miss use of promotion schemes, duty evasion to any other fraudulent activities by export or importer, intentionally or unintentionally, to verify their identity, address and other activities, Client Customer Identification Procedure

MRP Based Duty

Helping participants in developing tactical skills in knowing about Maximum Retail Selling Price, excisable value, sales tax, other post manufacturing expenses, legal Metrology Act, CVD, MRP before clearance, and other applicable state and central taxes.

Surrendering title of the goods

This course is designed for importer, exporter, freight forwarders, and customs brokers. Aspects of surrendering title of goods to become not liable to pay duties but remains applicable for laws in case of offence.

Harmonised System & classification-Introduction: Principles and Explanation

Each product having international code in six digits. The same is issued by WCO i.e. World Custom Organisation. This is called HS Code i.e. Harmonised system code. Course updates candidates how to look for correct HS code. This coding helps in fast customs clearance at the port of loading and discharge. This also helps buyer and seller to know exact inputs in the material.

Conversion of Currency

Assisting participants in developing career in Forex. Each country is having its own currency. Foreign exchange means, exchange of currency of one country into currency of another country. Receipt of export currency and payment of import currency is covered under this. How exchange takes place and how to manage risk of foreign exchange fluctuation.

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