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Exchange Rate Mechanism and Risk Management

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Exchange Rate Mechanism and Risk Management


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With the rise in the International Business, there has been a vide scale movement of goods and services and involving large volume of conversion of one currency into another. With fluctuating market prices, there have been large scale movements in the currency exchange rates. Also, various innovative derivative products have been developed in the International Markets. It is an important function of the Financial Managers of the Company dealing in an International Trade to study the time to market developments and frame the policies in tune with the changing world requirements.

The book discusses:

  1. The historical evolution of International Currency Markets,
  2. Brief Theories of Balance of Trade and Balance Payment,
  3. Functions of Integrated Treasury,
  4. Exchange Rate Mechanism,
  5. Various Derivative Products like:
  6. Futures,
  7. Options,
  8. Budlee / Swap Transactions,
  9. Forward Rate Agreements,
  10. Facilities available to Persons Resident in India and Abroad,
  11. Forex Risk Management,
  12. Accounting Standards,
  13. Check lists,

Case Studies, etc.

ISBN : 978-81-932342-5-9