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Finance is considered to be the lifeblood of the
economy. The adequate and timely availability of
finance may be identified as the basic in the gradient for the
business development and the international business is
not an exception to it. Number of have been taken and
incentives are offered by the Governments and financial
institutions of the countries for meeting the need-based
and timely availability of financial requirements of the
exporters in an efficient manner. The well planned and
competitive terms of finance prove cost saving and help
meet the international competition. There are
different and innovative modes of international
financing. However, the financing in an unplanned
manner may prove dangerous. Accordingly, it is very
much important to study the different schemes and apply
the befitting source of finance for the venture.
The efforts are made in the book for providing reasonable
material for the readers for systematic study and
understanding the different financial sources for export

ISBN: 978-81-934345-9-8