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International Business Part 1

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The book is divided into 2 volumes. Total Pages 804.

International Business – I & International Business – II

With the introduction of the process of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization there has been an unprecedented rise in the International Business. New and innovative methods have been developed. Along with the rise in the business, there has also been rise in the International Financial frauds and mischief.

The book highlights the important features like:

  1. Fundamentals of International Trade,
  2. Foreign Exchange Management in India,
  3. FEMA Provisions,
  4. New Foreign Trade Policy of Government of India,
  5. Export and Import of Goods and services from / into India,
  6. Trade Payments
  7. Methods of Payment
  8. Documentary Collections,
  9. Mechanism of Letters of Credit,
  10. Standby Letters of Credit,
  11. Documents in Foreign Trade,
  12. Transport Documents in Foreign Trade,
  13. Various ICC Publications and their importance,
  14. Marine Insurance,
  15. Check Lists and Revision Questions, etc.


ISBN : 978-81-932342-5-9