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Risk Management is an important consideration for any
business venture. With the expansion of the world trade
and increased business opportunities on an international
front, there has also been a rise in the financial risks. Where
there is a possibility of the price fluctuation, there arise
the scores for the risk. Such risks can be insured against
(Hedged) by the use of Derivative Products available in
the market. In today’s market scenario, in addition to the
risk insuring, the use of Derivatives is made for trading and
profit maximization.
However, the Derivative instruments are doubled aged
sword. They are High Profit, High Loss Instruments and any
unplanned use without a systematic study is likely to
become a tool for large-scale losses.
This book explains very clearly and in a lucid manner, the
understanding in brief of the FINANCIAL DERIVATIVES –
SWAPS, Futures, Forwards, Options, Etc., clarifying their
implications for the parties involved. It also includes some
important definitions and terms used.
Readers will find enough material to have a thorough and
clear understanding and operational details of the
Options, Etc.

ISBN: 978-81-934345-6-7