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Marketing and International Business

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Marketing and International Business


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With the large scales of innovations and developments in the International Business scenario, the concept of International Marketing has undergone a revolutionary change in this 21st Century. Everyone has an eye for international expansion and marketing. The book serves a basic source of information and strategy in the area of International marketing.

The book covers the topics like:

  1. Introduction to International Marketing,
  2. International Marketing Environment,
  3. The Marketing Theories (In Brief),
  4. EPRG Framework,
  5. Preparing for International marketing, Requirements and formalities,
  6. Highlights of present Foreign Trade Policy,
  7. B2B Marketing and E-Commerce,
  8. Export Pricing Strategy,
  9. Globalization and India’s International Trade,
  10. Make in India Initiative,
  11. Trade Statistics, etc.

ISBN : 978-81-932342-5-9