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Use of water route for the transportation of cargo is a
business since time immemorial. About all countries of the world are carrying their large volume of transportation of
cargo by the sea routes. It is a convenient, cheap and
established a mode of transportation. With the passage of
time, many technicalities have been involved in the area
of sea transportation. The conflicting interests between
the Carriers and the Shippers have led the different
countries to frame appropriate regulations to protect and
define the rights and obligations of the Carriers and the
Shippers. In an attempt to frame the Uniform Regulations, the world over, various Conferences have been held from
time to time. The Hague Rules, The Hague-Visby Rules, The
Hamburg Rules and The Rotterdam Rules are the results of
such Conferences.
The terms and conditions for the transportation of cargo
are usually, stated in brief, on the back of the bill of lading.
However, the same are not easy to read, as they are
stated in fine writings and also many stamps and
endorsements are appearing over it.
The issues and operations under Bills of Lading involve
number of legal and technical issues and clear
understanding of the same is very important for all those
who are concerned with sea trade.
This book explains very clearly and in a lucid manner, the
understanding of The Hague Rules, The Hague-Visby
Rules, The Hamburg Rules, and The Rotterdam Rules,
clarifying their implications for the Carriers, the Shippers,
the Bankers, Insurers, etc. It also includes some important
definitions and terms used.
Readers will find enough material to have a thorough and
clear understanding and operational details of the Bills of
Ladings issued.

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